*Does God Exist?*

phentermine eczema *Does God Exist?*

side effects of phentermine 15 mg Based on a true incidence happened in the Army camp of Kupwara sector in J and K
A troop of Army officers led by their Major, were transiting from one camp to another camp in J and K…They walked for long for 6 hours and in the middle of the night, reached a small town. In the severe chilling cold, they wanted to have cup of hot tea…But no shops were open. But as luck would have it, they found light outside a shop and rushed there. But their fate, the shop was closed, only the outside light was on…They cursed themselves and started looking for alternatives.

phentermine causes psychosis An officer said, we will break open the shop and make tea for ourselves. But that is unethical, but ultimately they decided to do that, as they have to walk further 6 hours to reach the other camp. They broke the shop open and made tea and had biscuits. Then the major collected money from all the officers and made it Rs 1000 and kept it under the heavy sugar bag, so that the money is visible when the shop keeper comes next day.
They just closed the doors without lock and left the shop and proceeded to their other camp.
After three months, the same army officers finished their training and were returning back. It was day time. they saw the same shop, but did not want to tell what they did three months back. But, still they wanted to check, whether, the shop keeper received the money, but, did not want to ask directly.

generic phentermine diet pills They started conversation with the shop keeper on various subjects and finally the shop keeper started talking about belief in God. The major asked, “you are a strong believer of God and why God is still keeping you as a poor, managing such a small tea shop.
The shop keeper replied, I am rich or poor does not depend on God, it depends upon my hard work. We understand that, God is there to help, only on emergencies. God definitely help those, during emergencies, who believe in him….
Three month’s back, one day, i was called by the local people saying that my son was attached by terrorists. I left the shop immediately and rushed him to the hospital, the doctor who treated him said, i need to pay Rs.1000 immediately, to buy emergency medicines. I did not have money. I could only pray god for the money..
I came back to my shop in the middle of the night. To my shock, i found that, my shop was broke open. I thought, all my belongings were looted, but to my surprise, nothing was looted but I found Rs.1000.

Cheap Soma Canada Just half an hour before i was praying God for Rs 1000 to buy medicines for my son, I found the Rs 1000 under the sugar bag. I believed in God in that emergency and he helped me.
The Major and their officers were stunned to listen to this story. On that particular day, they were God to this shopkeeper.
So, *God does exist and within you*…You can be a God to somebody at moments of somebody’s urgent needs…

tenuate vs phentermine which is better *Be GOOD to others ….Be GOD to others*….

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